Tube Bundle re-tubing Equipment Manufacturing

Electro mohareke Parsian company ( EMP company ) is Designer and manufacturer of all kinds of tube bundle re-tubing equipment in different capacities such as tube bundle extractor, tube bundle roller, tube bundle lifter ,grippul

Electro Mohareke Parsian ( EMP )

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دستگاه گریپپولتیوب باندل لیفترتیوب باندل رولر

Nonmetallic Scraping Systems NCS720S

Design and manufacture of mechanical equipment for industrial wastewater treatment plants using non-metallic materials such as chains, attachments, Scrapers, filler blocks, Sprockets, pins and wear shoe parts, which for the first time in Iran are made of advanced non-metallic materials according to the standard of the German company Probig.

Electro Mohareke Parsian ( EMP )

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حوضچه های تصفیه پساب

Supply of Hydraulic & Pneumatic Equipments

Supplying all kinds of hydraulic and pneumatic parts and equipments from the top brands in the world, all kinds of pumps (gear pumps, pistons, cartridge pumps, etc.) Hydraulic and pneumatic valves ,Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders , all types of hydraulic motors, electric motors and gear motors , Filters and oil measuring equipment , flange facer, accumulator Hydraulic brake

Electro Mohareke Parsian ( EMP )

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تامین تجهیزات هیدرولیکی و پنوماتیکیس
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Maintenance services

Maintenance of hydraulic systems, including repair services for hydraulic pumps, jacks and cylinders and hydraulic valves in various types

Manufacture of hydraulic equipment

Design and manufacture of hydraulic cylinders, blocks and power packs to customer order with warranty and after-sales service

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Supply of products

Supplying all kinds of pneumatic and hydraulic items and equipments and industrial machines from  top brands in the world

Design, manufacture and Localization

design, manufacture, reverse engineering, simulation and manufacture of hydraulic equipment and systems with highest standards

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Our Vision

electro mohareke parsian company ( EMP company ) with the aim of determining a learner, creator, dynamic and knowledge-based organization with benefit From the D&R system, A value-creating set for specialized and motivated forces with a system structure and Criteria-based, make its vision to become one of the most successful and reputable Manufacturing  companies and Supply of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment in Iran under world-renowned standards and wholesales of products It has put itself online and providing comprehensive services to domestic and foreign customers.


Turning Ideas Into Action

Designing, Manufacturing and Supplying Hydraulic & Pneumatic Equipments

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