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Electro Mohareke Parsian Group (EMP)

Since 2015, using the proper production facilities and backed up with its expertise, experience, academic education, and with regard to the considerations and criteria used in various industries, including oil, gas, petrochemical, steel and cement industries, and ... , has always tried to work with a growing number of ever-increasing technology and use of the domestic capacity of the country, the production of products of the highest quality in the fastest time possible, as well as the avoidance of foreign exchange

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Our best services

Design and construction

Design, simulation and manufacturing of all kinds of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment
Designing and reverse engineering of various types of industrial machinery, machining and manufacturing of special industrial parts


Supplies of pneumatic and hydraulic equipment, industrial machinery including jacks, pumps, gearboxes, various valves and filtration, all kinds of new hydraulic and pneumatic gears, sale of goods in stock with the rate of distribution in the market and the sale of imported goods At the price of the dealership

Repair and re-tube

Precise inspection and repair of hydraulic parts and heat exchangers using advanced diagnostic systems and heat exchangers for testing the heat exchangers at the workshop by the team of experts.


The warranty will multiply the vendor's commitment to the buyer, so all products of the company have a formal warranty.

Production of API parts and DAF

Producing and supplying non-metallic API equipment in less than 30 days

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